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[Webinar] 6 Comparative Usability Testing Best Practices 


Comparative Usability Testing: Understand Your Position In the Market

Comparative usability testing is a technique that can help you understand more about the position of your product in comparison to competitor products. It can identify each product’s strengths and weaknesses from an end user’s point of view. By highlighting areas for product improvements, product development teams can be more focused on the means to help improve end user’s service delivery capability.

Anneliis Tosine and guest presenters from Siemens Ultrasound Business Area, Anthony Sottile, and Douglas Younger III, host an hour-long discussion on the latest comparative usability testing techniques and the associated business value.

Download the webinar to learn how to:

  • Define and recruit appropriate test participants
  • Apply a proper test methodology and analysis
  • Articulate the business value associated with comparative usability testing

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  • Anneliis Tosine
    User Experience Researcher