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Applications of Voice Assistants in Healthcare 

In today’s world, with people more connected than ever before, healthcare organizations have almost limitless ways to leverage innovative, new technologies. Voice assistants and voice-enabled devices are hot – and offer significant promise to increase patient engagement, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Discover why now is the time to explore the power of voice technology for your organization. Register today for this webinar — and discover why taking a wait-and-see approach could be one of the biggest risks you face.

You Will Learn:

  • The case for using voice in healthcare
  • Healthcare specific use cases for voice assistants: surveys, scheduling, medication management/compliance, patient education, care journey management, population health, etc.
  • When to leverage turn-key devices (Amazon Echo, Google Home etc.) vs. embedding voice in your device
  • How to address cross-platform publishing; Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana
  • How to handle patient identification and privacy in multi-user environments
  • How to architect HIPAA-compliant solutions

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  • Timon LeDain
    Director of IoT