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10 Product Management Research Pitfalls 

Research Pitfalls for Product Mangers

Avoid these research pitfalls to deliver better software

Focusing on user research to create better software might be trendy right now due to the success of companies who have changed the software landscape. But simply interviewing customers doesn’t automatically translate into more compelling products. It isn’t enough to ask your customers what they want, then implement the solutions they ask for. Rushing to conclusions without understanding the full context of how people use your software might even take your product in the wrong direction.

The good news is that if you can avoid the pitfalls we describe, you can collect the right data, interpret it with scientific rigour, and provide it to development teams in a way they can use. It is the successful combination of these activities that will take your software to the next level with customers.

In this paper we highlight:

  • Giving users what they ask for
  • Combining research techniques to gain better insights
  • Identifying clustered patterns in your data
  • Statistical significance
  • Misuse of research techniques
  • & More!

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  • Didier Thizy
    VP of Sales