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Health Information System Integration

In this webinar we discuss interoperability in healthcare and answer attendee questions on Health Information System integration. Download the webinar Now. Read more

Introduction to User Centered Design for Product Managers

With User Centered Design (UCD), you can gain hard evidence to prioritize feature requests and differentiate your product or service from your competitors. Read more

Legacy Application Modernization

Avoiding the 7 realities and implications of legacy application modernization can have serious consequences for efficiency and performance in your organization Read more

Accelerate Time To Market Using Rapid Prototyping

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage rapid prototyping to accelerate your products time to market in one week, agile sprints. Read more

Making an IoT (Internet of Things) Device – B2C vs B2B considerations

Macadamian, Design 1st, and Electric Imp explore significant challenges that organizations face when making an IoT (Internet of Things) device and how things are different in b2C vs b2b markets. Read more

Six Oversights to Consider Before Creating an IoT Product

In this white paper, we highlight common oversights that companies make that can hamper a products overall user experience and ultimately market success when creating an IoT product. Read more

Developing Successful Healthcare Software – 10 Critical Lessons

This white paper delivers 10 critical lessons we have learned over the years developing successful healthcare software for our clients. Read more

12 Secrets to Overcoming Software Estimation Challenges

Macadamian's Geoff Parker outlines best practices involved in developing more accurate software development project estimates. These best practices are based on our experience working across a wide breadth of mobile, desktop and web development projects. Read more

Creating Software Prototypes That Win Budget and Approval

This white paper covers everything you need to know about creating stunning prototypes in short timeframes to win budget and approval from key stakeholders. Read more