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Guide to Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Application development for mobile devices has increased immensely in the last decade and is expected to continue growing at a profound pace. This white paper will serve as your guide to creating your own test plan, covering a variety of testing strategies and considerations for when they should be used. Read more

3 Strategies for Enterprise Mobile App Differentiation

In 3 Strategies for Enterprise Mobile App Differentiation, we cover strategies you should consider when differentiating your enterprise mobile app. This includes considering the user’s context, the mobile device’s inherent capabilities, and the context and environment of use. Read more

Developing Successful Healthcare Software – 10 Critical Lessons

This white paper delivers 10 critical lessons we have learned over the years developing successful healthcare software for our clients. Read more

Top Four Mobile Business Models for Generating Revenues

Learn the top four business models for generating income in the mobile world and the UX best practices to boost the profit potential of your app. Read more

The 4 Mindsets of Mobile Product Design

From Macadamian's experience with helping product managers design and develop mobile apps, there are four important principles for successfully meeting and exceeding these criteria. Learn more! Read more