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[Webinar] 6 Comparative Usability Testing Best Practices

Do you know how your product stands up against your competition? Find out from your users by conducting comparative usability tests. Register for the webinar to learn how. Read more

Introduction to User Centered Design for Product Managers

With User Centered Design (UCD), you can gain hard evidence to prioritize feature requests and differentiate your product or service from your competitors. Read more

10 Product Management Research Pitfalls

These are the 10 most common research pitfalls we see product managers make when gathering customer data. Avoid these to gain insights and design better software. Read more

Designing User Experiences for Complex Domains

Building software for complex domains is fundamentally different than your everyday consumer app. Get an introduction to injecting UX into complex spaces in this exclusive webinar. Read more

UX Strategies for Increasing Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Patient engagement is the new Holy Grail yet remains at an all time low. Lorraine Chapman, and Barb Spanton, share their insights and experience in applying a patient-centered user experience (UX) strategy to this specific piece of the health IT puzzle. Read more

Analytics and Big Data Innovation in Enterprise Software

With the amount of data that is being collected today, it is not enough to just provide users with data, reports, and analytics. Big Data is only useful if it is presented in the right way, to the right user, and in the right context. This is the ultimate usability challenge. Read more

3 Strategies for Enterprise Mobile App Differentiation

In 3 Strategies for Enterprise Mobile App Differentiation, we cover strategies you should consider when differentiating your enterprise mobile app. This includes considering the user’s context, the mobile device’s inherent capabilities, and the context and environment of use. Read more

Six Oversights to Consider Before Creating an IoT Product

In this white paper, we highlight common oversights that companies make that can hamper a products overall user experience and ultimately market success when creating an IoT product. Read more

Developing Successful Healthcare Software – 10 Critical Lessons

This white paper delivers 10 critical lessons we have learned over the years developing successful healthcare software for our clients. Read more

The Product Innovation Challenge

Product management teams are constantly looking for new ways to innovate ahead of the competition - from new features to stunning design and implementing modern technology. But does modernizing a legacy solution result in innovation and growth? Read more

Creating Software Prototypes That Win Budget and Approval

This white paper covers everything you need to know about creating stunning prototypes in short timeframes to win budget and approval from key stakeholders. Read more

A UX Maturity Model for Introducing User Experience into the Corporate Culture

In this white paper we introduce a UX maturity model to help you identify where your company is strong or weak in design, strategies to deliver great design, and the associated business value of integrating UX into the corporate culture. Read more

The Internet of Things Meets Connected Sensors, Reactive Experiences, and the Enterprise

Delivering context-aware and adaptive experiences to your customers. Read more

Data Visualization Best Practices

Implementing these 4 data visualization best practices can help you make sense of all the data you're collecting and uncover valuable hidden insights Read more

How Patient Journey Maps Improve Healthcare Apps

Find out how patient journey maps help improve healthcare applications and download three sample journey maps to help you get started creating your own. Read more

The 4 Mindsets of Mobile Product Design

From Macadamian's experience with helping product managers design and develop mobile apps, there are four important principles for successfully meeting and exceeding these criteria. Learn more! Read more

Overhaul a UI Design without Upsetting Current Users

Learn how to approach a major design update. Do it right and you’ll be on your way to capture new markets, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and pull ahead of your competition. Read more