This new platform saves approximately six weeks of software design and development time as compared to starting from a blank page.

Macadamian HealthConnect

At Macadamian, we spend a lot of time developing custom software applications for a wide variety of healthcare industry customers. That’s why we created the Macadamian HealthConnect™ platform. Using the HealthConnect platform as a basis for custom healthcare software applications lets us focus immediately on innovations to make your product unique. This means reduced costs and your product gets to market much faster than starting from scratch.

Macadamian HealthConnect Advantages

A Clear Advantage for Healthcare Software Development

Using the HealthConnect platform for your healthcare software application project lets us:

Get to Market Faster and Reduce Costs

On average, save approximately six weeks of software design and development time.

Focus on Product Innovation

Out-of-the-box user management instantly provides common regulatory compliance features allowing more time to implement unique product capabilities.

Integrate Easily

The platform data model uses standard FHIR format that makes integration with hospital systems easy.

Secure Your Data

Based on tested and proven security across a variety of deployments, the platform meets HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Powerful Capabilities Out of the Box

Designed specifically for healthcare, the HealthConnect platform provides a core user management model and auditing capability needed by healthcare applications that deal with patient data. The user management model maps the relationships between patients and their care team, and the security features ensure regulatory compliance right out of the box. Once the framework is in place, our application developers can focus on custom feature development and not on developing the complex underlying framework.

Macadamian HealthConnect Features

Key Features

Extensible Role-Based User Management

Limits access to patient data to authorized users only, and allows new roles to be created or customized to fit into different deployment environments.

Flexible Security Framework

Follows HIPAA best practice by further limiting access to user data even after deployment. Includes support for Two-Factor authentication.

User Relationship Management

Allows the transfer of individual patients to different members of a care team, and manage which users have access to patient information.

Easy-to-Use Admin Portal

Quickly setup new users and provide self-service access for profile updates.

Extensible Care Team API

Automatically allows members of the care team to add new patients to the system, and can easily be extended to support additional patient data or application information.

Audit Logging

All actions performed by users including any data viewed is tracked in an audit log and easily accessed from the admin portal.

FHIR-Based Data Model for Interoperability

Data model for users and patients is based on the FHIR standard to support integration with other hospital or clinical systems.

HIPAA Best Practice Features

Includes audit log, role based security and field level access permissions.

White Label Design

Customizable styling allows the admin portal to quickly match the look and feel of the rest of your application.


Choose from either .NET or Node.js + for your server stack. Uses a RESTful services architecture and HTML5 / Angular.js for the client UI.

Available on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9+).

Macadamian HealthConnect Architecture

Macadamian HealthConnect HCIP architecture diagram

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