“[In the future], the Internet will disappear… you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time.” — Eric Schmidt

Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit

With billions of devices expected to be connected over the next decade, the Internet of Things presents a wealth of business opportunity for product companies looking to create innovative connected solutions. Despite this opportunity, upfront costs and a lack of in-house technical expertise can make market entry prohibitive. The Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit is a solutions platform paired with design and software engineering expertise to help product companies accelerate the development of effective, low-cost, connected product prototypes in just 4 weeks.

What's In The Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit

Requirement Gathering

An online call with your Macadamian project manager, UX designer, and solutions architect to ensure you get the maximum value for your prototype.

Mobile & Web Apps

Customized iOS, Android and Web apps to help configure, connect, and monitor your connected devices as well as visualize the data you collect.

Professional Services

Access to our suite of professional services to customize your IoT prototype, configure your mobile apps and ensure your solution is consistent with your brand.

Azure Hosting

6 months of Azure hosting with convenient and managed service plans available to extend this.

License of Macadamian IP

Non-Exclusive Royalty Free Licence to use the Macadamian IoT JumpStart IP.

Scale to Commercial Product

Infrastrucutre that is built to scale as you move from prototype to commercialization.

Why Choose The Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit


No need for an in-house software department. The Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit includes all the features and resources you need to get your prototype created.


Use the Kit to save 4+ weeks of development time and get your prototype created in just 4 weeks.


The upfront costs of IoT solutions can make prototypes and market entry prohibitive. Save $20-40K in upfront cost to make IoT viable for your business.

Learn More About The Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit

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