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It’s a Wrap: Mobile World Congress

Fred Boulanger
Companies that will be successful are those that are able to improve products faster because they understand, through data collection, what their customers are doing with the product.Read more

Building your own IoT product: Design. It’s not just a 2D screen.

Anthony Hooper
Let’s call this holistic approach: designing for the context of daily use.Read more

Trendy: From Napkin Sketch to Fandom Ready

Ayesha Khan & Dan Lanthier
From a simple “what if,” Trendy evolved from a Twitter analytics prototype into a fully-designed, functioning consumer app available on the Windows Store. Read more

Building your own IoT Product: Bad radio! (Wi-Fi, Wireless / LTE, BLE, NFC) – Oh, my!

Anthony Hooper
Confused and a bit scared? You should be. Picking the right radio solution can make or break your product.Read more

Building your own IoT Product: Is your IT team ready?

Anthony Hooper
Understanding your own internal IT abilities to face and conquer your IoT project.Read more

CES 2015 Digital Health Summit

Macadamian Technologies
How to Communicate with Cyborgs… and moreRead more

Hacking for Health

Ayesha Khan & Joel Lord
Challenging our design and development teams to create solutions for real-world end-user and business problemsRead more

Why Wearables Won’t Make You Fit

Didier Thizy
What do wearables, e-learning solutions, and financial planning sites all have in common? Read more

It’s 9:00 am. Do you know where your corporate assets are?

Cris Sinnott
Revolutionizing the world of asset tracking.Read more

World Usability Day 2014: Engage Now!

Lorraine Chapman
What are you doing to engage users in the right way – to foster a deeper connection with your application?Read more

The Product Innovation Challenge

Scott Plewes
Product management teams are constantly looking for new ways to innovate ahead of the competition - from new features to stunning design and implementing modern technology. But does modernizing a legacy solution result in innovation and growth?Read more

Software Revitalization

Macadamian Technologies
Macadamian shares insights on software revitalization.Read more

What do the Pepsi Challenge and UI Design have in common?

Didier Thizy
Looking to develop a UI Design that's modern, creative, wow? Think again. More than ever, a product’s user experience defines market success. The only problem is - users usually don't care about that stuff.Read more

Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014 News

Francis Beaudet
Macadamian's Healthcare Interaction Designer, Francis Beaudet, recently attended the Healthcare Analytics Summit in Salt Lake City. Here are some key takeaways from the conference.Read more

The Art of the Possible: Inspiring Innovation via the Maker Movement

Macadamian Technologies
In the spirit of the Maker Movement, Macadamian partnered with local hardware design firm, Design 1st.Read more

How to Select the Right UX Design Partner – and Avoid the Wrong Ones

Didier Thizy
Here are five ways to get around the traditional procurement process and find the UX Design partner that will bring your company to new heights.Read more

Three Mobile Projects to Inspire

Macadamian Technologies
Check out these three video case studies of some of our latest projects.  We are very proud to have brought value to these customers – and we had a lot of fun, too…Read more

Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians

Dr. Jeff Belden, MD
Macadamian Healthcare Advisory Panel Member, Jeff Belden, releases "Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians" e-bookRead more

The Affordable Care Act: How to Effectively Share Patient Data

Francis Beaudet
The basic principle behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to enable all health-care providers to act in concert as an effective care team. Read more

Beyond the Screen: An introspective look at the future of product design

Michael Grigoriev
A series on the future of design and rebooting the user experience.Read more

Reactive Experiences Meet the Enterprise

Scott Plewes
The Internet of Things, Connected Sensors, and the EnterpriseRead more

Understanding Patient Engagement

Macadamian Technologies
Guest blogger, Elizabeth Bacon, shares her thoughts on Understanding Patient Engagement.Read more

CEO Insights: The impact of a connected world

Fred Boulanger
Lessons learned from Mobile World Congress & SXSW 2014 Read more

Cinematic Experience On-the-Go with Nutty Player

Macadamian Technologies
Macadamian has made video experience simpler than ever with Nutty Player! Read more

Four Questions to Help Better Understand Experience Maps

Anneliis Tosine
Experience or customer journey maps have really become popular over the past couple of years. Why? Read more

Macadamian’s Secret Sauce

Virginie Bastien
What makes Macadamian a great place to work?Read more

Designing for Big Data

Macadamian Technologies
From Terabytes to InsightsRead more

Modernizing Enterprise Applications

Didier Thizy
Why Are Enterprise Apps So Hard to Use? Read more

Mobile Application Design: Field Service Apps [Podcast]

Jennifer Fraser
Field service apps can bring better service, higher margins and potentially more revenue. Read more

Mobile Application Design: NuVo Technologies [Video]

Macadamian Technologies
Here's a video of one of our recent projects.Read more

Mobile Application Design: Turn Mobile Ads into High-Value Experiences

Scott Plewes
In the third installment of our four-part series, you’ll learn how to create an effective mobile advertising business model that doesn’t upset your users and generates more revenue.Read more

Fred’s Insights in Mobile Enterprise – “The Device Does Not Matter”

Macadamian Technologies
Fred has a piece published in Mobile Enterprise on what software development has to be in today's economy. Read more

Eight Things You Need To Know About Windows 8.1

Fred Boulanger
Here's what I learned from attending Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston this yearRead more

[Four-Part Series] How Awesome UX Boosts Revenue in 4 Mobile Business Models: Data

Scott Plewes
In the second installment, we share UX tips that will help you collect the right amount of the most valuable data to generate more revenue for your organization.Read more

Macadamian a Top Place to Work for Young People

Dan Wang
We’re proud to be recognized as a Top Employer for Young People for a second straight year. Learn more about our work culture and why we love working at Macadamian!Read more

[Podcast + Bonus Content] How Patient Journey Maps Improve Healthcare Apps

Barbara Spanton
Find out how patient journey maps help perfect healthcare apps by listening to our latest complimentary audio podcast and reviewing the journey map provided.Read more

Freemium App Business Model: UX Best Practices

Scott Plewes
What do doughnuts have to do with increasing mobile app income? Find out now by learning about the user experience best practices that boost revenue in today’s most popular mobile business model: Freemium.Read more

Macadamian at the 2013 Accountable Care and HIT Strategies Summit

Lorraine Chapman
I’m excited to hear what other companies and individuals are doing to help align all components of health and not just the hospital-care to home-care model.Read more

Mobile Healthcare Technology: 9 Questions to Ask Before Going HTML5

Jeremy Morehouse
Mobile devices are ascending in prominence and gaining more users by the day, and developers are under even more pressure to pick the right hardware platform, software architecture, and development framework...Read more

[Quote] Something No Physician Has Ever Said

Didier Thizy
"...I'm really excited about all the configuration options in my dictation software..."Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 4

Sara Fortier
Speed time to market, Get stakeholder buy-in for the big picture, Scope and stand out in new markets.Read more

Microsoft Builds Business Around High Value Experiences

Dinesh Kandanchatha
User Experience Fuels Microsoft Business Strategy, Creates New Opportunities for Software VendorsRead more

MacGym: App Works Out Body and Mind

Arevik Harutyunyan
Macadamian Software developers have created a new app called MacGym to make it easier for Macadamian employees to add a little exercise into their workday.Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 3

Anneliis Tosine
You don’t understand me! Imagine people shouting these words as they uninstall a poorly designed software application that you created. Read more

Azure, Windows 8.1 Buzzworthy at Microsoft’s 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference

Fred Boulanger
I'm here at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 in Houston to see what's in store for the coming fiscal year.Read more

WebRTC Ottawa Meet-Ups

Doug Michaelides
Are you as interested in WebRTC as we are?Read more

How Interruption Storyboards Improve Electronic Health Records

Lorraine Chapman
This is the second installment in our audio podcast mini series titled, EHRs: Secrets of Successful Usability.Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Experience Maps

Anneliis Tosine
[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 2Read more

How to Market Apps in App Stores

Macadamian Technologies
How do you make things stand out?Read more

[PHOTO] WebRTC: Transforming Enterprise Communication

Doug Michaelides
We're using WebRTC.Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Task-Based Personas

Anneliis Tosine
How Task-Based Personas Can Help You Create Incredible User ExperiencesRead more

[CEO Insight] WebRTC: Why You Should Care

Fred Boulanger
For the past several months the Macadamian team has been busy travelling around the world to stay on top of all the coolest new technologies. Here's how we're following WebRTC.Read more

Name that App

Francis Beaudet
Can you still identify the apps?Read more

[VIDEO] Electronic Healthcare Records – Vitera Intergy Solution

Barbara Spanton
Vitera Intergy is an iPad based electronic health record application that enables physicians to spend more time on patient care and less on paperwork.Read more

MacHack: 24 Hours, 8 Apps, 1 Intense Competition

Geoffrey Parker
We created some amazing applications after 24 hours of nonstop coding.Read more

Macadamian’s Second Annual MacHack

Geoffrey Parker
No boring training days here...Read more

Electronic Health Records: Secrets of Successful Usability

Lorraine Chapman
How Great EHR User Experience Benefits Patients & Physicians Read more

EHR Usability for Meaningful Use

Didier Thizy
Electronic Health Records have to comply with Meaningful Use Stage2 usability. What's involved? How much work?Read more

[VIDEO] Macadamian’s Work Culture and Values

Macadamian Technologies
Macadamian Values; Be intentional, learning, passion, celebrate, trust, and be nutty.Read more

WebRTC: Top 5 Unified Communications Systems Integration Challenges

Jean-Francois Morin
WebRTC is looking to be a game changer in terms of its impact on voice and data communications. Read more

The Rainbows & Unicorns of Mobile Design & Development

Jennifer Fraser
3 Challenges You Must Overcome to Optimize Mobile Apps Across Platforms Read more

The Amazing Software Scorecard

Scott Plewes
What's stopping you from getting amazing software out the door?Read more

The UXcellence Continuum

Lorraine Chapman
Are you Unenlightened or Celestial? Great UX design can give your company a competitive advantage. Read more

Developers are from Vulcan – Designers are from Wonderland – An audio podcast

Jennifer Fraser
SIGN UP to listen to a new exclusive edition of Macadamian's 'UnSalted' audio podcast Read more

3 Recurring Themes from UXCamp Ottawa III

Barbara Spanton
Looking back at the 3 major themes discussed at UXCamp OttawaRead more

Part 4: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Scott Plewes
Looking at companies in the awakening stage of implementing user experienceRead more

Part 3: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Scott Plewes
Discussing a company in the awakening stageRead more

Part 2: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Scott Plewes
Stage one is about the unenlightenedRead more

Part 1: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Scott Plewes
Introducing the five steps to using user experience to designRead more

HTML5 Frameworks you Need to Know About

Didier Thizy
There are 4 excellent HTML5 frameworks that can simplify the process of using HTML5 and reduce cross-platform and cross-browser issues. Read more

Do Your Homework Before Porting an iOS app to Android

Martin Larochelle
With the rise of Android’s popularity, product managers with an existing iPhone or iPad product are under pressure to port it to Android.Read more

7 Key Android Concepts

Martin Larochelle
Although the Android platform is open and customizable, Android users have become accustomed to constructs developed by Google for Android devices.Read more

Feature Prioritization Using the Four Quadrant Matrix

Pierre Mageau
A guest post by By Brian Lawley, CEO & Founder, 280 Group.Read more

What are patient demographics?

Didier Thizy
Patient demographicsRead more

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – When to Build a Native App

Pierre Mageau
Sometimes, a native application is the best choice for your mobile app.Read more

Detecting Mobile Browser Properties with CSS3 Media Queries

Pierre Mageau
How to use a new feature of CSS3 to detect device properties and better tailor your mobile web apps to specific devices.Read more

Designing Successful Healthcare Software: 10 Critical Lessons

Didier Thizy
A Practical Guide and tips on Healthcare software design and software architectureRead more

Sample CCR and CCD XML files

Didier Thizy
CCR and CCDRead more

Android – Theming the Unthemable

Sebastien Tardif
How to them the background of the Android options menu itemsRead more