“The best vision is insight.”
— Malcolm Forbes

Combining AI and blockchain

Combining AI and Blockchain to Push Frontiers in Healthcare

AI and blockchain are two technology trends that have each individually demonstrated their potential to impact the healthcare industry, but what about their impact when used in combination? In his second piece on the use of blockchain in healthcare, Senior Developer at Macadamian, David Campbell, illustrates how these technologies could possibly be used together to benefit population health and change our daily lives. Read more

Field Kits: Capturing Data During Ethnographic Research Part Two

A field kit can be a powerful tool in UX research. Learn how you can modify your field kit for different ethnographic research environments to ensure you're collecting the best quality data in the most efficient way. Read more

Using the Design Thinking Process to Better the Community

Learn how Macadamian leveraged the Design Thinking process and our own expertise in design to solve challenges related to early childhood development and ending poverty in Edmonton at BarnRaise Edmonton 2017. Read more