“The best vision is insight.”
— Malcolm Forbes

Natural Language User Interface Design Ideas

Four NLUI Design Ideas that Make a Big Difference

It seems obvious that interacting with a product, app, or skill via speech is very different from interacting with a screen, yet many early offerings use the same design metaphor as traditional graphical user interface (GUI) products. Read more

Creating a Connected Conference Room

Despite Shiny iPad systems at the door of conference rooms, many people fail to check in, cancel rooms they no longer need, or borrow vacant rooms without booking. To solve these challenges, we have teamed up with Built.io to automate these issues in a connected meeting room. Read more

Going From IoT Prototype To Commercial Product

Managing the transition from something that works on a lab bench to a viable IoT product can be tricky, but understanding the technical gaps between conventional and IoT capabilities can illuminate the way. Read more