“The best vision is insight.”
— Malcolm Forbes

Fantasy Scoreboards Alexa Skill

Creating the Fantasy Scoreboards Alexa Skill

We have officially submitted our second Alexa Skill for review. It’s called Fantasy Scoreboards and allows users to control their WiFi connected NHL scoreboard with their Amazon Echo. While building this Skill we learned a few more valuable lessons about extending the capabilities of Alexa. Read more

Project Management in the Healthcare Industry: A Risk Based Approach

One innovative approach to governance and project management is to tailor the type and level of management to the risk assessed for each project, avoiding the costs of treating all projects as though they carried a high level of risk. Read more

Four Enhancements We Want for the Amazon Echo

Our annual MacHack happened a few weekends ago and as always the teams at Macadamian put in 24 straight hours of hard work to bring some amazing ideas to life. This year many of the teams focused their efforts on creating IoT solutions, many of them using the Alexa voice service of the Amazon Echo, highlighting how interactions with Alexa could be made more natural. Read more