“The best vision is insight.”
— Malcolm Forbes

field kit ethnographic research

Field Kits: Capturing Data During Ethnographic Research

Carefully prepping for ethnographic research can go a long way in getting more focused data and can ease analysis. Understanding the goal of the research, and coming up with a structured way to take notes during observations, can give you more valuable information and data that’s easier to sort through. Read more

My Diabetes Coach – A Holistic Care Management Solution

The My Diabetes Coach solution is designed to improve and strengthen the teamwork between parent and child in diabetes management. Establishing and encouraging good practices and patient compliance at an early stage will provide significant benefits to the patients over the years by mitigating the complications that can result from non-compliance. Read more

Automating Alexa Skill Dialog Testing

Alexa Skill testing can be a long and laborious task, having to run through possibly hundreds of dialogs manually. In this post, we will walk you through a concept for testing Alexa skill dialogs without speaking to Alexa and completing tests in a matter of seconds. Read more