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— Malcolm Forbes

manage docker-machines on azure with rancher

Using Rancher to Manage Docker-Machines on Azure

As we hunted around for a solution, we found Rancher fit our needs as we could manage and provision docker-machines from Azure virtual machines. Getting it properly set up, however, was not an easy task. Not because of the product itself but because of all the dependencies around it. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Patient-Centered Care

I'm hugely optimistic that we are about to see a positive transformation in healthcare. The problem is big, painful, and it’s triggering new thinking. Because of this, healthcare is set to reinvent itself. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. Read more

Creating a Private Docker Registry

In order to use Rancher, we wanted to host our own Docker registry. Rancher provides a tutorial to do just that, however, we had a couple extra requirements that we go over here, to help you control the services that will route the registry. Read more