“The best vision is insight.”
— Malcolm Forbes

Coterminous: Blurring Javascript Boundaries

Coterminous: Blurring Javascript Boundaries

A lot of effort goes into creating the pipes and tubes that connect the internet, but those same pipes and tubes create limitations that affect our designs and implementations. Coterminous aims to reduce the impact of the mechanics of the web Read more

Three Ways to Make Alexa Interactions More Natural

As the language model of Alexa expands, the interactions will be more and more natural. With these and other capabilities, richer experiences will be possible, which will bring us closer to seamless ambient computing. Read more

Tips for Choosing Alexa Skill Names

After the first couple certification attempts, selecting a name for an Alexa Skill seemed as hard as finding a nice and affordable .com domain name. For a Store with, at the time, less than 500 Skills, that was surprising. Read more