That’s why Einstein’s watch is exactly one minute behind mine.

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Francis Beaudet

Francis Beaudet Francis brings a unique combination of technical software engineering and User Centered Design knowledge to the team. After 15 years as a software architect, Francis is currently focused on Interaction Design. Using tools like workshop facilitation, wire-framing, and prototype development; Francis focuses on helping software teams to develop useful, desirable software. Ultimately, he's all about using design and technology to make users better at what they already do best. When he's not concentrating on making the world a better place, you can find Francis sporting spandex, cycling the paths of Gatineau Park.

Nouvelles du Healthcare Analytics Summit de 2014

Francis Beaudet, concepteur d’interaction en soins de santé de Macadamian, a récemment participé au Healthcare Analytics Summit à Salt Lake City. Voici certains points à retenir de la conférence. Read more

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