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[Vidéo] Dossier de santé électronique : solution Vitera Intergy

Barbara Spanton

Vitera Intergy est une application de dossier de santé électronique pour le iPad qui permet aux médecins de passer plus de temps sur le soin des patients et moins de temps sur la paperasserie. L’application permet au personnel médical d’accéder à l’information des patients pendant la journée sans être ancré à un poste d’ordinateur. Visionnez notre vidéo pour en savoir plus.

Le contenu est disponible uniquement en anglais.

Author Overview

Barbara Spanton

UX designer, runner, off-grid-cottager, wine drinker... not in any particular order. Schooled as an industrial designer, Barbara has spent the last 15 years in the software industry, designing interfaces for every user, platform, and industry imaginable. In recent years, her work has focused healthcare software. She has led the design (or redesign) of several EHRs, both desktop and mobile, and other health-related applications, while keeping the needs of the end users at the center of all discussions. Highly active in the UX community, Barbara teaches mobile design to the next generation of UXers, has been co-chairing Ottawa's wildly successful UXCamp for the past 5 years, and has a few other initiatives simmering at the moment. There is absolutely nothing else Barbara would rather be working on these days.