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Partie 2 : L’avantage compétitif grâce à l’utilisation des expériences d’utilisateurs

Scott Plewes

Lisez ce blogue afin de découvrir si votre entreprise n’y voit pas clair lorsqu’il s’agit de la conception d’expériences d’utilisateur. Accédez à notre livre blanc A UX Maturity Model for Companies Seeking Competitive Advantage.

Le contenu est disponible uniquement en anglais.

Author Overview

Scott Plewes

As VP User Experience Design, Scott brings over 20 years of experience in understanding customers and how to incorporate their needs into software product design. He's put his skills to work on overseeing the user experience design of dozens of desktop, Web, and mobile applications. Scott holds a Master's degree in Science from Queen's University, and prior to Macadamian, he worked as part of Nortel's Usability Design Group. While Scott would have you believe he is an ardent NFL and NHL supporter, he is still a physics geek at heart. His secret passions include bad science fiction movies and even worse - action ones; and trying to understand Shakespeare… and failing badly. When Scott is not working he's either his kids personal chauffeur, or more likely sound asleep on the couch… the one hobby he has truly mastered.