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5 Best Practices for Designing in Medical Device Cybersecurity Controls

Connected medical devices are integrating a number of disparate technologies and cloud services which can expose security flaws through their integration. Find out what the key steps are in designing in cybersecurity controls. Read more

Developing a Business Case for UX in Healthcare Product Development

User Experience is a key element in ensuring product market success. Yet many product managers forgo UX in order to shave costs. This post looks at how to make the business case to quickly demonstrate the value of investing in UX. Read more

How Voice Interfaces Will Impact Healthcare

Voice interfaces are not new in healthcare. What is new is the arrival of digital assistants powered by natural language processing, ambient computing, and machine learning. Learn how voice assistants will be used by physicians, nurses, technicians, and patients to change how healthcare is provided. Read more

4 Benefits of Using a Microservices Architecture in Digital and Connected Health Solutions

Dive into what microservices is and discover the benefits of implementing a microservices architecture when it comes to accelerating your digital and connected health solution's time to market. Read more

7 Ways Learning Python Will Improve Your Software Testing

Looking to improve your software testing and make it more efficient? Learn from one of Macadamian's senior QA engineers how brushing up on your coding skills can make you a better tester. Read more

ForwardJS Ottawa 2018: Everything Old is New Again

Senior Software Engineer, Mark Walker, recently attended the ForwardJS conference in Ottawa – an event bringing together many experts from all corners of the JavaScript ecosystem. Mark provides takeaways from the conference and explains a case of déjà vu. Read more

Healthcare Technology Trends 2018: Macadamian’s Experts Weigh In

We asked our experts in healthcare solutions about how we can expect technology to transform healthcare in 2018 and what businesses in the healthcare industry should pay attention to. Read more

How to Implement Voice Design in Multi-Channel Survey Delivery

In a recent client project, our team developed an Alexa skill to gather user survey information over the period of a clinical trial. We walk you through the elements of voice design we needed to consider in order to create the best possible conversational survey experience. Read more

Combining AI and Blockchain to Push Frontiers in Healthcare

AI and blockchain are two technology trends that have each individually demonstrated their potential to impact the healthcare industry, but what about their impact when used in combination? In his second piece on the use of blockchain in healthcare, Senior Developer at Macadamian, David Campbell, illustrates how these technologies could possibly be used together to benefit population health and change our daily lives. Read more

Exploring Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Medical data interoperation between all healthcare institutions and patient portals is a future that we can all look forward to. As the Blockchain technology matures, its potential to bring this ideal to life and revolutionize all aspects of healthcare will become more and more evident. Read more

Creating a Holistic Strategy for Software Quality Testing

Use of a proper testing strategy can save you a ton of money in the long run and at the end of the day, give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. To illustrate how to develop an effective testing strategy, we consider quality in a modern large-scale web app. Read more

How to Design Voice Applications in a Multi-Channel and Multi-Modal World

In a webinar hosted by Orbita and Macadamian, the benefits that voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home present to an end user, like you and I, were discussed. The presentation focused on what sets apart voice assistants from other existing input modalities, and some of the design challenges that come with them. Read more

FDA Fosters Digital Health Innovation With New Software Precertification Pilot Program

This past July, the FDA announced their Software Precertification Pilot Program aimed at digital health solution creators in order to increase product speed to market. Our Director of IoT discusses the implications of this new program. Read more

Automating Alexa Skill Dialog Testing

Alexa Skill testing can be a long and laborious task, having to run through possibly hundreds of dialogs manually. In this post, we will walk you through a concept for testing Alexa skill dialogs without speaking to Alexa and completing tests in a matter of seconds. Read more

Automating iOS Certificate and Profile Syncing with Fastlane

Fastlane is a tool for streamlining tedious tasks like code signing. We will discuss how you can use it to work with teams and release your application while developing iOS applications. Read more

Two Ways to Get More Women in Tech

This is about what individuals can do to make a difference. I've been inspired by the work being done to narrow – and ideally one day, to close – the gender gap in the technology industry. But I hope anecdotes alone don't convince you, let’s look at the research. Read more

Using Computer Vision to See Cyber Threats

We as humans can very quickly visually identify threats in complex environments, but what if we could train the computer to ‘see’ the markers of cyber attacks in real-time? Read more

Learn Angular 4: A Review of ng-book 2

Having a one-stop shop for everything Angular may not entirely replace piecing together tidbits from individual web tutorials and StackOverflow answers, but ng-book 2 will certainly be a very robust addition. Read more

JavaScript Promises Explained

In this JavaScript Promises tutorial, Macadamian Technologies developer Xavier LaRue gives an overview of Promises and walks through a variety of examples. Read more

HTML for Screen Reader Accessibility: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

It takes a lot of time and work to satisfy the WCAG criteria but In one of our latest healthcare projects, there was a focus on adherence and on screen reader accessibility. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid. Read more

Docker Build Squash vs ONBUILD

While trying to optimize our build system, here is why we chose to use --squash rather than ONBUILD to clean up our Dockerfile. Read more

Developing Alexa Skills Locally with ngrok and Node.JS

How you can start developing Alexa skills locally using ngrok and your NodeJS server. Read more

Unit Test Alexa Skills Locally

Is it even possible to test an Alexa skill? That's the question our lab team was asking. We outline a solution to test Alexa skills locally. Read more

Using Rancher to Manage Docker-Machines on Azure

As we hunted around for a solution, we found Rancher fit our needs as we could manage and provision docker-machines from Azure virtual machines. Getting it properly set up, however, was not an easy task. Not because of the product itself but because of all the dependencies around it. Read more

Creating a Private Docker Registry

In order to use Rancher, we wanted to host our own Docker registry. Rancher provides a tutorial to do just that, however, we had a couple extra requirements that we go over here, to help you control the services that will route the registry. Read more

Let’s Encrypt and HAProxy with Docker

Let’s Encrypt is a service that allows one to obtain SSL certificates signed by a trusted CA for free. Those have are valid for at most 90 days and then, those need to be renewed. Read more

Docker-Machine: Basic Examples

When using a containerized application, it’s important to be able to easily deploy them in the cloud. Docker-Machine is a tool that lets you install Docker Engine on Virtual Hosts. We’ll outline how we deploy containers and how to transfer files to/from the machine. Read more

Coterminous: Blurring Javascript Boundaries

A lot of effort goes into creating the pipes and tubes that connect the internet, but those same pipes and tubes create limitations that affect our designs and implementations. Coterminous aims to reduce the impact of the mechanics of the web Read more

Four Enhancements We Want for the Amazon Echo

Our annual MacHack happened a few weekends ago and as always the teams at Macadamian put in 24 straight hours of hard work to bring some amazing ideas to life. This year many of the teams focused their efforts on creating IoT solutions, many of them using the Alexa voice service of the Amazon Echo, highlighting how interactions with Alexa could be made more natural. Read more

Sending Error Logs using Docker, Vagrant and SumoLogic

The main goal was to stay as close to the production environment as possible to avoid “It works on my dev machine!” when it just crashes in production. Read more

Creating a New Alexa Skill

Over the last several weeks, we went through the entire process of designing and developing a new Alexa Skill for Amazon’s Echo and then submitting it for approval by Amazon. The skill in question? One we would likely use many times a day: sending text messages. Read more

Achieving Interoperability in your Healthcare Organization

The challenge with integrating healthcare organizations is that they are just that – separate organizations. Each organization provides a healthcare service, but they provide that service using their own process. Read more

Software Developers as UX Designers

There is some kind of implicit expectation that design and development will somehow magically work out if a “good” developer is on the project. The fact remains that if you want an application designed well, you need to allow time for that design effort. Read more

Developing Population Health Management Software

Population Health Management software enables care teams to share PHI and to gain insight and manage health proactively. It is THE next critical step in Healthcare IT advances, and there’s no clear market leader yet. Read more

Grow Your Security as you Develop Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

To paraphrase an old security saying, the best time to start implementing security was yesterday, and the next best time is today. So, where do you start? Read more

Issuing A Software Development RFP

Think Twice Before Issuing a Software Development RFP – If you Want a Great User Experience Read more

A Guide to Working with HL7: Considerations and Recommendations

In developing healthcare software, there is a high chance that you will run into an integration challenge sooner or later and will need to understand HL7 messages. Read more

Trendy: From Napkin Sketch to Fandom Ready

From a simple “what if,” Trendy evolved from a Twitter analytics prototype into a fully-designed, functioning consumer app available on the Windows Store. Read more

The Art of the Possible: Inspiring Innovation via the Maker Movement

In the spirit of the Maker Movement, Macadamian partnered with local hardware design firm, Design 1st. Read more

Three Mobile Projects to Inspire

Check out these three video case studies of some of our latest projects.  We are very proud to have brought value to these customers – and we had a lot of fun, too… Read more

Reactive Experiences Meet the Enterprise

The Internet of Things, Connected Sensors, and the Enterprise Read more

Cinematic Experience On-the-Go with Nutty Player

Macadamian has made video experience simpler than ever with Nutty Player! Read more

Designing for Big Data

From Terabytes to Insights Read more

Modernizing Enterprise Applications

Why Are Enterprise Apps So Hard to Use? Read more

Mobile Application Design: Field Service Apps [Podcast]

Field service apps can bring better service, higher margins and potentially more revenue. Read more

Mobile Application Design: NuVo Technologies [Video]

Here's a video of one of our recent projects. Read more

Mobile Application Design: Turn Mobile Ads into High-Value Experiences

In the third installment of our four-part series, you’ll learn how to create an effective mobile advertising business model that doesn’t upset your users and generates more revenue. Read more

Fred’s Insights in Mobile Enterprise – “The Device Does Not Matter”

Fred has a piece published in Mobile Enterprise on what software development has to be in today's economy. Read more

Mobile Healthcare Technology: 9 Questions to Ask Before Going HTML5

Mobile devices are ascending in prominence and gaining more users by the day, and developers are under even more pressure to pick the right hardware platform, software architecture, and development framework... Read more

Microsoft Builds Business Around High Value Experiences

User Experience Fuels Microsoft Business Strategy, Creates New Opportunities for Software Vendors Read more

MacGym: App Works Out Body and Mind

Macadamian Software developers have created a new app called MacGym to make it easier for Macadamian employees to add a little exercise into their workday. Read more

Azure, Windows 8.1 Buzzworthy at Microsoft’s 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference

I'm here at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 in Houston to see what's in store for the coming fiscal year. Read more

WebRTC Ottawa Meet-Ups

Are you as interested in WebRTC as we are? Read more

How to Market Apps in App Stores

How do you make things stand out? Read more

[PHOTO] WebRTC: Transforming Enterprise Communication

We're using WebRTC. Read more

Name that App

Can you still identify the apps? Read more

[VIDEO] Electronic Healthcare Records – Vitera Intergy Solution

Vitera Intergy is an iPad based electronic health record application that enables physicians to spend more time on patient care and less on paperwork. Read more

MacHack: 24 Hours, 8 Apps, 1 Intense Competition

We created some amazing applications after 24 hours of nonstop coding. Read more

WebRTC: Top 5 Unified Communications Systems Integration Challenges

WebRTC is looking to be a game changer in terms of its impact on voice and data communications. Read more

The Rainbows & Unicorns of Mobile Design & Development

3 Challenges You Must Overcome to Optimize Mobile Apps Across Platforms Read more

The Amazing Software Scorecard

What's stopping you from getting amazing software out the door? Read more

Developers are from Vulcan – Designers are from Wonderland – An audio podcast

SIGN UP to listen to a new exclusive edition of Macadamian's 'UnSalted' audio podcast Read more

4 HTML 5 Frameworks you Need to Know About

There are 4 excellent HTML5 frameworks that can simplify the process of using HTML5 and reduce cross-platform and cross-browser issues. Read more

Do Your Homework Before Porting an iOS app to Android

With the rise of Android’s popularity, product managers with an existing iPhone or iPad product are under pressure to port it to Android. Read more

7 Key Android Concepts

Although the Android platform is open and customizable, Android users have become accustomed to constructs developed by Google for Android devices. Read more

Feature Prioritization Using the Four Quadrant Matrix

A guest post by By Brian Lawley, CEO & Founder, 280 Group. Read more

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – When to Build a Native App

Sometimes, a native application is the best choice for your mobile app. Read more

Detecting Mobile Browser Properties with CSS3 Media Queries

How to use a new feature of CSS3 to detect device properties and better tailor your mobile web apps to specific devices. Read more

Developing Successful Healthcare Software: An Introduction

An introduction to our practical guide on Healthcare software design and architecture. Read more

Sample CCR and CCD XML files

You bought the official CCD standards document, you have a grasp on what the different is between a ClinicalDocument, a StructuredBody and a CCD Component, and now it's time to put it into practice in an XML file. Read more

Android – Theming the Unthemable

How to them the background of the Android options menu items Read more