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A Guide to Working with HL7: Considerations and Recommendations

In developing healthcare software, there is a high chance that you will run into an integration challenge sooner or later and will need to understand HL7 messages. Read more

CES 2015 Digital Health Summit

How to Communicate with Cyborgs… and more Read more

Hacking for Health

Challenging our design and development teams to create solutions for real-world end-user and business problems Read more

Why Wearables Won’t Make You Fit

What do wearables, e-learning solutions, and financial planning sites all have in common? Read more

World Usability Day 2014: Engage Now!

What are you doing to engage users in the right way – to foster a deeper connection with your application? Read more

Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014 News

Macadamian's Healthcare Interaction Designer, Francis Beaudet, recently attended the Healthcare Analytics Summit in Salt Lake City. Here are some key takeaways from the conference. Read more

Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians

Macadamian Healthcare Advisory Panel Member, Jeff Belden, releases "Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians" e-book Read more

The Affordable Care Act: How to Effectively Share Patient Data

The basic principle behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to enable all health-care providers to act in concert as an effective care team. Read more

Understanding Patient Engagement

Guest blogger, Elizabeth Bacon, shares her thoughts on Understanding Patient Engagement. Read more

Mobile Application Design: NuVo Technologies [Video]

Here's a video of one of our recent projects. Read more

[Podcast + Bonus Content] How Patient Journey Maps Improve Healthcare Apps

Find out how patient journey maps help perfect healthcare apps by listening to our latest complimentary audio podcast and reviewing the journey map provided. Read more

Macadamian at the 2013 Accountable Care and HIT Strategies Summit

I’m excited to hear what other companies and individuals are doing to help align all components of health and not just the hospital-care to home-care model. Read more

Mobile Healthcare Technology: 9 Questions to Ask Before Going HTML5

Mobile devices are ascending in prominence and gaining more users by the day, and developers are under even more pressure to pick the right hardware platform, software architecture, and development framework... Read more

[Quote] Something No Physician Has Ever Said

"...I'm really excited about all the configuration options in my dictation software..." Read more

[VIDEO] Electronic Healthcare Records – Vitera Intergy Solution

Vitera Intergy is an iPad based electronic health record application that enables physicians to spend more time on patient care and less on paperwork. Read more

Electronic Health Records: Secrets of Successful Usability

How Great EHR User Experience Benefits Patients & Physicians Read more

EHR Usability for Meaningful Use

Electronic Health Records have to comply with Meaningful Use Stage2 usability. What's involved? How much work? Read more

What are patient demographics?

Patient demographics Read more

Designing Successful Healthcare Software: 10 Critical Lessons

A practical guide and tips on Healthcare software design and software architecture Read more