Seriously, you have to be a nut to work here.

Careers At Macadamian

We’re Macadamians! The name, inspired by our favorite snack, lets everyone know that the people who work with us are a little out of the ordinary. We trust each other, love to learn, are passionate and intentional about what we do, and are quick to celebrate success. And yes, we’re nutty too.

What We Offer


Other than being brilliant at what we do, everyone at Macadamian shares something special. We’ve created a collaborative working environment based on a shared set of values that engage, and inspire us. They infuse our work and our culture and they speak to the very essence of who we are as a company:

  • Trust: an open, supportive and honest environment
  • Passion: be the creator of what makes us happy
  • Be Intentional: plan, be positive and act!
  • Learning: take risks, give it our best, learn, and repeat!
  • Be Nutty: be creative, edgy and push the boundaries of our ideas
  • Celebrate: recognize and cheer achievements and contributions

If these things resonate with you, well, give us a shout !


What do you get when you combine smart people, exciting projects, a funky workplace and shared values? A great reason to get up in the morning (and stay a little late)!  But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what our own people have to say.


We believe that success is something to be shared with the people you work with and the community you work in. Our social purpose is to enrich lives. We take it seriously. In fact, Macadamian’s business philosophy is founded upon three core areas of impact: financial, commercial and social success. Through the years, we’ve donated thousands of volunteer hours and dollars to a range of causes in the communities where we work. Our community investment programs have had a positive impact on thousands of young people. As a founding corporate supporter of, we collaborate with high schools to teach students about software design and development and to inspire careers in science and technology. But that’s just the beginning. Our community involvement program continues to evolve, and we’re always looking for great partners.


We hire A-players. And we recognize that to keep talented people happy you need to feed their thirst for knowledge and challenge. At Macadamian, career growth and professional development comes in many forms. One of the unique ways we support our employees, is by giving them the space to innovate.  We set aside time on “Creatividays” to pursue their passions.  We hold in-house “MacHack” hackathons to stretch their capabilities (and their ability to function without sleep). And we provide the freedom to dream of new ways of doing things, run with it, and drive it through to execution. It’s our dedication to innovation that offers a special career development experience and helps build a better Macadamian.


Photo: Macadamian’s Simon Pythoud presents Eco Bodhi, an app that tracks the effects of global warming around the world. It was developed during our MacHack competition.

Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Employment Awards

Employment Awards

  • Prix d’excellence 2014

    For 28 years, the Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale nationale has paid tribute to local businesses and business people that have distinguished themselves in various fields such as leadership, innovative spirit, their commitment towards the development of their business, their services or field of activity, the integrity of their organizations as well their commitment towards the francophone business community.

  • Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2014

    Canada’s Top Employers for Young People Award recognizes the employers that offer the nation’s best benefits for younger workers. Macadamian has been recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in attracting and retaining younger employees to their organizations.

  • Best Employers in Quebec 2013

    Awarded to the top employers in Quebec. Macadamian paced 5th among small and medium companies.

  • TOP 50 BSME 2013 – Queen’s U

    Awarded to outstanding workplaces that provide the highest job satisfaction to employees. Macadamian was cited specifically for its flexible work hours, flat corporate culture, and CreativiDay, a day every quarter in which employees can work on their personal projects.

  • Employees’ Choice Awards – in NCR by OBJ and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

    The Employees’ Choice Awards (ECA) program honours organizations within Canada’s National Capital Region that recognize employees as their greatest asset. This is the National Capital Region’s only employee-driven awards program.