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Timon LeDain

Timon LeDain Timon is the Director of Macadamian's growing business in the Internet of Things (IoT). Responsible for IoT strategy, partnerships, and platform product management, his areas of focus include healthcare, cleantech, and consumer products. He was previously VP Operations for SDTC, Canada’s largest cleantech fund where he had an opportunity to review hundreds of business plans and guide new management teams on their product commercialization strategies. He was also VP Engineering for March Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of March Networks, where he developed a telehealth platform that was later sold to Intel. Timon is active in his community, serving on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa. In his spare time he enjoys running, biking, skiing, and traveling the globe with his family.

4 Benefits of Using a Microservices Architecture in Digital and Connected Health Solutions

Dive into what microservices is and discover the benefits of implementing a microservices architecture when it comes to accelerating your digital and connected health solution's time to market. Read more

My Diabetes Coach – A Holistic Care Management Solution

The My Diabetes Coach solution is designed to improve and strengthen the teamwork between parent and child in diabetes management. Establishing and encouraging good practices and patient compliance at an early stage will provide significant benefits to the patients over the years by mitigating the complications that can result from non-compliance. Read more

Analytics for your Alexa Skills

Without solid analytics, it will be almost impossible to understand what is and isn’t working with Alexa Skills. We went on the hunt this summer for an analytics solution that could help us better understand how users were interacting with our new skill and where they were having issues. Read more

The Future of Medication Compliance – Voice Interaction Meets Predictive Analytics

Medication non-compliance is an expensive burden on the US healthcare system, costing between $100B and $300B a year. The emergence of conversational UX platforms like Alexa can be leveraged along with the use of predictive analytics to increase compliance and cut readmission rates. Read more

Meet LifePod, Your Amazon Alexa Powered Virtual Caregiver

The Alexa Voice Service and other voice assistants are becoming commonplace as a way of interacting with our favorite products and services. One client came to us to help bring their idea of a connected virtual caregiver to life. Read more

Creating a Connected Conference Room

Despite Shiny iPad systems at the door of conference rooms, many people fail to check in, cancel rooms they no longer need, or borrow vacant rooms without booking. To solve these challenges, we have teamed up with to automate these issues in a connected meeting room. Read more

Integrated Solution Providers: The Team Approach to Healthy IoT Projects

Firms with one specialization will sometimes subcontract skills they don’t have in-house, but that’s a different thing from a truly collaborative partnership among professionals with the autonomy to make the best decisions based on their expertise and suggest new approaches to their partners in the interest of the best outcome. Read more

Five Criteria for Selecting a Healthcare IoT Solutions Provider

Success with IoT can be tricky. It is a constellation of complex technologies from which you need to pick, choose and customize to craft a product that can succeed. Many companies fail in their IoT initiatives because they underestimate the challenges of navigating this complexity and don’t engage a partner that can provide guidance throughout the project. Read more