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Scott Plewes

Scott Plewes As VP User Experience Design, Scott brings over 20 years of experience in understanding customers and how to incorporate their needs into software product design. He's put his skills to work on overseeing the user experience design of dozens of desktop, Web, and mobile applications. Scott holds a Master's degree in Science from Queen's University, and prior to Macadamian, he worked as part of Nortel's Usability Design Group. While Scott would have you believe he is an ardent NFL and NHL supporter, he is still a physics geek at heart. His secret passions include bad science fiction movies and even worse - action ones; and trying to understand Shakespeare… and failing badly. When Scott is not working he's either his kids personal chauffeur, or more likely sound asleep on the couch… the one hobby he has truly mastered.

How UX Research Informs and Improves Data Science

User Experience is a tool that can be used to help frame the context in which data science and analytics are used to deliver key insights. Read more

Developing a Business Case for UX in Healthcare Product Development

User Experience is a key element in ensuring product market success. Yet many product managers forgo UX in order to shave costs. This post looks at how to make the business case to quickly demonstrate the value of investing in UX. Read more

Creating Ecosystem Maps to Prioritize Product Investment

When developing a new product it can be difficult to prioritize which features should be included in the initial release. Ecosystem mapping is a useful tool that can be used to visualize your product and the systems, processes, and data flows that surround it. Learn how to leverage this tool to ask deeper questions about what needs to be prioritized before investing in development. Read more

Why You Should Invest in UX for Your Enterprise Solution

If you're on the fence about investing in UX for your enterprise solution, our VP of User Experience Design, Scott Plewes, walks you through what exactly UX is, what it isn't, and how investing in UX can positively impact your business. Read more

Considering UX in the Whole Ecosystem – Lessons In UX Maturity: Part 4

From a product perspective, not only are the results indicative of the design maturity, but the types of opportunities for improvement are also strong indicators of where an organization is. Read more

Bringing UX to a Legacy Product Revitalization – Lessons In UX Maturity: Part 3

In particular, the leadership and culture recognized their inexperience in UX practices and were willing to be led in an effective way to bring in UX expertise. Read more

Consequences of an Underutilized UX Team – Lessons in UX Maturity: Part 2

How well the leaders and company as a whole appreciate the value and necessity of UX design from a business perspective is fundamental for the success of UX at a company. Read more

6 Indicators of an Organizations UX Maturity Level – Lessons In UX Maturity: Part 1

Like any function or practice, not all organizations have adopted or embraced UX design to the same degree or at comparable levels of maturity. Read more

Issuing A Software Development RFP

Think Twice Before Issuing a Software Development RFP – If you Want a Great User Experience Read more

The Product Innovation Challenge

Product management teams are constantly looking for new ways to innovate ahead of the competition - from new features to stunning design and implementing modern technology. But does modernizing a legacy solution result in innovation and growth? Read more

Reactive Experiences Meet the Enterprise

The Internet of Things, Connected Sensors, and the Enterprise Read more

Mobile Application Design: Turn Mobile Ads into High-Value Experiences

In the third installment of our four-part series, you’ll learn how to create an effective mobile advertising business model that doesn’t upset your users and generates more revenue. Read more

[Four-Part Series] How Awesome UX Boosts Revenue in 4 Mobile Business Models: Data

In the second installment, we share UX tips that will help you collect the right amount of the most valuable data to generate more revenue for your organization. Read more

Freemium App Business Model: UX Best Practices

What do doughnuts have to do with increasing mobile app income? Find out now by learning about the user experience best practices that boost revenue in today’s most popular mobile business model: Freemium. Read more

How to Market Apps in App Stores

How do you make things stand out? Read more

The Amazing Software Scorecard

What's stopping you from getting amazing software out the door? Read more

Part 4: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Looking at companies in the awakening stage of implementing user experience Read more

Part 3: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Discussing a company in the awakening stage Read more

Part 2: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

Stage one is about the unenlightened Read more

Part 1: The Competitive Advantage of Using User Experience

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