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Christian Nadeau & Martin Larochelle

Martin Larochelle Martin Larochelle has been with Macadamian since 2005. In his ten years with the company, he has tackled projects both big and small as Chief Architect. An expert in C++ and VOIP, his focus has been on mobile platforms. Martin was instrumental for all things BlackBerry providing technical leadership and project oversight. Martin now leads the Macadamian Innovation Lab, a team focused on developing concepts to solve the needs of small and medium businesses and key verticals such as healthcare. While we're all a little nuts at Macadamian, Martin counts himself as the biggest HeadBlade fan in Canada.

Alexa Skills 101: Before the First Line of Code

With the explosion of Amazon Alexa enabled devices entering consumers homes, developers are flocking to the platform. This getting started guide will focus on Alexa Skills 101, and things you need to know before digging in to write the first line of code. Read more

Three Ways to Make Alexa Interactions More Natural

As the language model of Alexa expands, the interactions will be more and more natural. With these and other capabilities, richer experiences will be possible, which will bring us closer to seamless ambient computing. Read more

Tips for Choosing Alexa Skill Names

After the first couple certification attempts, selecting a name for an Alexa Skill seemed as hard as finding a nice and affordable .com domain name. For a Store with, at the time, less than 500 Skills, that was surprising. Read more

Four Enhancements We Want for the Amazon Echo

Our annual MacHack happened a few weekends ago and as always the teams at Macadamian put in 24 straight hours of hard work to bring some amazing ideas to life. This year many of the teams focused their efforts on creating IoT solutions, many of them using the Alexa voice service of the Amazon Echo, highlighting how interactions with Alexa could be made more natural. Read more

Creating a New Alexa Skill

Over the last several weeks, we went through the entire process of designing and developing a new Alexa Skill for Amazon’s Echo and then submitting it for approval by Amazon. The skill in question? One we would likely use many times a day: sending text messages. Read more

Do Your Homework Before Porting an iOS app to Android

With the rise of Android’s popularity, product managers with an existing iPhone or iPad product are under pressure to port it to Android. Read more

7 Key Android Concepts

Although the Android platform is open and customizable, Android users have become accustomed to constructs developed by Google for Android devices. Read more