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Macadamian Technologies Macadamian is a full-service software design and development firm. Working with today's leading technology companies, Macadamian creates inspiring software that enriches lives through meaningful and compelling user experiences for mobile, web and desktop applications. Driven by user-centered insights, strategy and design, Macadamian delivers transformational products across multiple sectors including the healthcare, telecommunications, mobility, enterprise, and consumer markets. Whether collaborating on an end-to-end project or filling specific gaps, partnering with Macadamian’s inventors gives you immediate access to software engineering services, design services, and broad domain expertise in mobility, VoIP, SaaS, web and desktop applications, HTML5, iOS, Android and more.

Hacking Smart Lock Security: The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

The Internet of Things has given birth to a boom of connected smart home devices. With these devices, connected via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, hooked into important functions of the home, the security of these devices have increasingly become a topic of discussion. In this guest post from our friends at NewSky Security, we take a look at the security of one such device, the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock. Read more

Going From IoT Prototype To Commercial Product

Managing the transition from something that works on a lab bench to a viable IoT product can be tricky, but understanding the technical gaps between conventional and IoT capabilities can illuminate the way. Read more

Macadamian Recognized as Top User Experience Agency by Clutch

Ratings and reviews firm, Clutch, named Macadamian a leading user experience agency in their latest research. Clutch’s methodology takes into account market presence, previous experience, focus on user experience services, and most heavily, client satisfaction. Read more

Windows 10: Are You Ready?

Microsoft is changing the game with Windows 10 and making it much more compelling for product developers to integrate naturally with Windows. Here are four things to keep on your radar. Read more

CES 2015 Digital Health Summit

With more than 160,000 attendees, the equivalent of 28 football fields of exhibitor space, and an impressive contingent of healthcare experts, the experience was an exciting informational overload. Read more

Software Revitalization

Macadamian shares insights on software revitalization. Read more

The Art of the Possible: Inspiring Innovation via the Maker Movement

In the spirit of the Maker Movement, Macadamian partnered with local hardware design firm, Design 1st. Read more

Three Mobile Projects to Inspire

Check out these three video case studies of some of our latest projects.  We are very proud to have brought value to these customers – and we had a lot of fun, too… Read more

Understanding Patient Engagement

Guest blogger, Elizabeth Bacon, shares her thoughts on Understanding Patient Engagement. Read more

Cinematic Experience On-the-Go with Nutty Player

Macadamian has made video experience simpler than ever with Nutty Player! Read more

Designing for Big Data

From Terabytes to Insights Read more

Mobile Application Design: NuVo Technologies [Video]

Here's a video of one of our recent projects. Read more

Fred’s Insights in Mobile Enterprise – “The Device Does Not Matter”

Fred has a piece published in Mobile Enterprise on what software development has to be in today's economy. Read more

Macadamian a Top Place to Work for Young People

We’re proud to be recognized as a Top Employer for Young People for a second straight year. Learn more about our work culture and why we love working at Macadamian! Read more

WebRTC Ottawa Meet-Ups

Are you as interested in WebRTC as we are? Read more

[PHOTO] WebRTC: Transforming Enterprise Communication

We're using WebRTC. Read more

[VIDEO] Macadamian’s Work Culture and Values

Macadamian Values; Be intentional, learning, passion, celebrate, trust, and be nutty. Read more

Feature Prioritization Using the Four Quadrant Matrix

A guest post by By Brian Lawley, CEO & Founder, 280 Group. Read more

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – When to Build a Native App

Sometimes, a native application is the best choice for your mobile app. Read more

Detecting Mobile Browser Properties with CSS3 Media Queries

How to use a new feature of CSS3 to detect device properties and better tailor your mobile web apps to specific devices. Read more