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Jennifer Fraser & Lorraine Chapman

Jennifer Fraser Jennifer is Macadamian’s Director of Design and she brings more than fifteen years of experience working as an interaction designer. Jennifer has experience being thrown in at any phase of a project from discovery, analysis, and definition, to development and delivery. She works closely with clients to understand not only their needs, but also the needs of their customers. Jennifer has a holistic understanding of how to integrate design and development in an agile process, built on years of experience and much head banging (unfortunately not to music). She is a founding member of the Interaction Design Association’s Ottawa chapter and sits on the Design Advisory Board of Algonquin College. Jennifer holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Architecture from Carleton University, which may, or may not, relate to her passion for designing and building cocktails.

How UX Informs Medical Device Design: Making the Visible, Invisible

Learn how UX Design tools like ecosystem mapping, personas, and journey mapping can inform medical device design and development to ensure market success. Read more

Beyond the Screen: Creating Context-Aware Alerts

When designing push notifications and alerts, it's vital to consider technology's context of use and the user's environment as whole to ensure alerts are delivered effectively. Let's look at two examples to visualize this. Read more

The Importance of Mapping Ecosystems and Understanding the Scale of Design

Working with clients in complex domains, such as healthcare, has made it clear the importance of understanding the “system” into which we are designing. As designers, ecosystem mapping is one of our most valuable tools to help us visualize and understand systems. Read more

Interaction Design and the Physical Environment

Can there be value in embedding sensors into objects and our environment? Absolutely. But, all too often there is an automatic assumption, that with that connected sensor, there’s an app for it. That assumption is a missed opportunity for a more holistic approach to designing the experience, one that looks beyond designing screens for everything. Read more

How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models

If you’re considering creating a connected product or service, the Internet of Things will have a profound impact on how your business creates and captures value. Read more

The Importance of Context in a Sea of Data

With more physical things being connected to the internet, the amount of data collected by these devices continues to grow. When designing an experience for an IoT device, considering context becomes increasingly important to avoid agitating users. Read more

The Power of Voice Interaction in Connected Products

The longer the fridge door is open, the more the animal speaks. I can only assume that my penguin is encouraging me to shut the fridge door, but since I don’t speak Japanese, this is only a guess on my part. Read more

Mobile Application Design: Field Service Apps [Podcast]

Field service apps can bring better service, higher margins and potentially more revenue. Read more

The Rainbows & Unicorns of Mobile Design & Development

3 Challenges You Must Overcome to Optimize Mobile Apps Across Platforms Read more

Developers are from Vulcan – Designers are from Wonderland – An audio podcast

SIGN UP to listen to a new exclusive edition of Macadamian's 'UnSalted' audio podcast Read more