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Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker Geoff is Macadamian’s Director of Healthcare Software Development specializing in healthcare software and is responsible for technical leadership, technology partnerships, and sales engineering. Geoff thrives on working with clients to identify and deliver the right solution for their individual needs. His career as a software professional has focused on delivering highly complex mobile and server side technology solutions. Geoff is happiest when pushing the technology envelope by doing things that haven't been done before. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours from the University of Queensland, Australia. When he’s not coding, you can find Geoff on the backpacking trails.

5 Best Practices for Designing in Medical Device Cybersecurity Controls

Connected medical devices are integrating a number of disparate technologies and cloud services which can expose security flaws through their integration. Find out what the key steps are in designing in cybersecurity controls. Read more

How Voice Interfaces Will Impact Healthcare

Voice interfaces are not new in healthcare. What is new is the arrival of digital assistants powered by natural language processing, ambient computing, and machine learning. Learn how voice assistants will be used by physicians, nurses, technicians, and patients to change how healthcare is provided. Read more

Achieving Interoperability in your Healthcare Organization

The challenge with integrating healthcare organizations is that they are just that – separate organizations. Each organization provides a healthcare service, but they provide that service using their own process. Read more

Software Developers as UX Designers

There is some kind of implicit expectation that design and development will somehow magically work out if a “good” developer is on the project. The fact remains that if you want an application designed well, you need to allow time for that design effort. Read more

Grow Your Security as you Develop Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

To paraphrase an old security saying, the best time to start implementing security was yesterday, and the next best time is today. So, where do you start? Read more

A Guide to Working with HL7: Considerations and Recommendations

In developing healthcare software, there is a high chance that you will run into an integration challenge sooner or later and will need to understand HL7 messages. Read more

Building your own IoT product: Design. It’s not just a 2D screen.

Let’s call this holistic approach: designing for the context of daily use. Read more

Building your own IoT Product: Bad radio! (Wi-Fi, Wireless / LTE, BLE, NFC) – Oh, my!

Picking the right radio solution can make or break your product (or seriously cripple customer adoption). You have to build or select components that make sense for your context of use and build solutions around the trade-offs of each radio option. Read more

Building your own IoT Product: Is your IT team ready?

Follow these three steps, and you've begun your IoT journey. Never forget that technology is just a portion of the overall experience that a customer and/or user will have with the IoT device you are creating. Read more

MacHack: 24 Hours, 8 Apps, 1 Intense Competition

We created some amazing applications after 24 hours of nonstop coding. Read more

Macadamian’s Second Annual MacHack

No boring training days here... Read more