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Didier Thizy

Didier Thizy Didier is Macadamian's VP of Sales, running all account management as well as our growing healthcare practice. Responsible for a cross-functional unit of design and development consultants, his areas of focus include consumer and enterprise IoT software, health software, and usability of complex systems. Didier is an active member of HIMSS, MGMA and Health 2.0. When Didier is not on the road, you can find him rocking out to 80s music, and on certain rare mornings, sleeping in because his kids decided to cut him some slack. Didier has been a software professional for 16 years, holding a variety of positions in Software R&D, Product Management and Business Development.

Cognitive Healthcare – The Evolution of Connected Health

One of the great barriers to achieving Connected Health has been providing a natural, intuitive interface that seamlessly gathers relevant health data from consumers. Read more

Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service in Healthcare

The Amazon Echo and Alexa voice service have been a hit in the consumer market with skills that help you order a pizza or call an Uber. Now with the introduction of the "KidsMD" skill, the Alexa voice service is making its way into the healthcare market. Having focused on healthcare IT and stressing the possibilities of voice interaction for years, it’s great to see Alexa for healthcare finally in action. Read more

Developing Population Health Management Software

Population Health Management software enables care teams to share PHI and to gain insight and manage health proactively. It is THE next critical step in Healthcare IT advances, and there’s no clear market leader yet. Read more

Managers Who Use LSD Get Innovative Results

From Sigmund Freud to Jimi Hendrix to Stephen King, some of the greatest minds have resorted to extreme measures to unleash their creativity and push the limits of innovation. Read more

Why Wearables Won’t Make You Fit

What do wearables, e-learning solutions, and financial planning sites all have in common? Read more

What do the Pepsi Challenge and UI Design have in common?

Looking to develop a UI Design that's modern, creative, wow? Think again. More than ever, a product’s user experience defines market success. The only problem is - users usually don't care about that stuff. Read more

How to Select the Best UX Design Firm – and Avoid the Wrong Ones

Here are five ways to get around the traditional process and find the best UX Design firm that will bring your products user experience to new heights. Read more

Modernizing Enterprise Applications

Why Are Enterprise Apps So Hard to Use? Read more

Mobile Healthcare Technology: 9 Questions to Ask Before Going HTML5

Mobile devices are ascending in prominence and gaining more users by the day, and developers are under even more pressure to pick the right hardware platform, software architecture, and development framework... Read more

[Quote] Something No Physician Has Ever Said

"...I'm really excited about all the configuration options in my dictation software..." Read more

EHR Usability for Meaningful Use

Electronic Health Records have to comply with Meaningful Use Stage2 usability. What's involved? How much work? Read more

4 HTML 5 Frameworks you Need to Know About

There are 4 excellent HTML5 frameworks that can simplify the process of using HTML5 and reduce cross-platform and cross-browser issues. Read more

What Are Patient Demographics?

The definition of patient demographics starts to get polluted with items such as patient and emergency contact information and patient medical record data. There is a very good reason for this concept drift. Read more

Developing Successful Healthcare Software: An Introduction

An introduction to our practical guide on Healthcare software design and architecture. Read more

Sample CCR and CCD XML files

You bought the official CCD standards document, you have a grasp on what the different is between a ClinicalDocument, a StructuredBody and a CCD Component, and now it's time to put it into practice in an XML file. Read more