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David Campbell

David Campbell

Combining AI and Blockchain to Push Frontiers in Healthcare

AI and blockchain are two technology trends that have each individually demonstrated their potential to impact the healthcare industry, but what about their impact when used in combination? In his second piece on the use of blockchain in healthcare, Senior Developer at Macadamian, David Campbell, illustrates how these technologies could possibly be used together to benefit population health and change our daily lives. Read more

Exploring Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Medical data interoperation between all healthcare institutions and patient portals is a future that we can all look forward to. As the Blockchain technology matures, its potential to bring this ideal to life and revolutionize all aspects of healthcare will become more and more evident. Read more

Using Computer Vision to See Cyber Threats

We as humans can very quickly visually identify threats in complex environments, but what if we could train the computer to ‘see’ the markers of cyber attacks in real-time? Read more

Internet of Things Security and Privacy – Part 1

As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, our dependency on it will grow exponentially. With complexity comes hidden vulnerabilities; the “unknown unknowns”. We cannot fully predict where security weakness lies because no single group has full access to all the code and hardware. Read more