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Christian Nadeau

Christian Nadeau Christian is a veteran software developer at Macadamian with specialties in .NET ( WPF, Silverlight, Window Phone 8 ), java (J2EE, JBoss), C++ (Qt, BB10). He holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the University of Sherbrooke.

Docker Build Squash vs ONBUILD

While trying to optimize our build system, here is why we chose to use --squash rather than ONBUILD to clean up our Dockerfile. Read more

Developing Alexa Skills Locally with ngrok and Node.JS

How you can start developing Alexa skills locally using ngrok and your NodeJS server. Read more

Unit Test Alexa Skills Locally

Is it even possible to test an Alexa skill? That's the question our lab team was asking. We outline a solution to test Alexa skills locally. Read more

Using Rancher to Manage Docker-Machines on Azure

As we hunted around for a solution, we found Rancher fit our needs as we could manage and provision docker-machines from Azure virtual machines. Getting it properly set up, however, was not an easy task. Not because of the product itself but because of all the dependencies around it. Read more

Creating a Private Docker Registry

In order to use Rancher, we wanted to host our own Docker registry. Rancher provides a tutorial to do just that, however, we had a couple extra requirements that we go over here, to help you control the services that will route the registry. Read more

Let’s Encrypt and HAProxy with Docker

Let’s Encrypt is a service that allows one to obtain SSL certificates signed by a trusted CA for free. Those have are valid for at most 90 days and then, those need to be renewed. Read more

Docker-Machine: Basic Examples

When using a containerized application, it’s important to be able to easily deploy them in the cloud. Docker-Machine is a tool that lets you install Docker Engine on Virtual Hosts. We’ll outline how we deploy containers and how to transfer files to/from the machine. Read more

Sending Error Logs using Docker, Vagrant and SumoLogic

The main goal was to stay as close to the production environment as possible to avoid “It works on my dev machine!” when it just crashes in production. Read more