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Anneliis Tosine

Anneliis Tosine With a background is in Biomedical Engineering and a focus on clinical applications and user-centered design, Anneliis has been an all-star asset to Macadamian's User Experience team.

Embracing Blue Sky Design Ideas in Your UX Projects

We explain how incorporating "blue sky" design ideas into your user experience projects can help you uncover the "wow" factor in your solution and help you improve your design to meet your end user's needs. Read more

Field Kits: Capturing Data During Ethnographic Research Part Two

A field kit can be a powerful tool in UX research. Learn how you can modify your field kit for different ethnographic research environments to ensure you're collecting the best quality data in the most efficient way. Read more

The Best Way to Recruit Users for User Research

“I want to do some user research, but I can’t get a hold of my users.” This is a challenge we often hear expressed by our clients who are interested in doing user research. Let's explore why events are a perfect opportunity to recruit users and provide some success stories of our own using this tactic. Read more

Conducting UX Research to Obtain Meaningful Data

Involving the right research participants is critical to successful user research. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting test participants for healthcare-focused UX research. Read more

Meaningful Use Stage 3 Safety-Enhanced Design Updates

Overall, the requirements for MU3 certification and participation in the program are significant. EHR vendors will be challenged to deliver certified products according to the proposed timelines and navigate confusing requirements for safety-enhanced design. Read more

Conducting Comparative Usability Tests

Additional variables must be controlled for in comparative testing that generally make it more challenging than traditional usability testing. These variables span planning, execution, and test analysis. Read more

Design for Medical Devices Conference Recap 2016

The conference left me with three days of inspiration and a lot of food for thought. It was good to hear academic and industry leaders confirm what I live and breath every day at Macadamian - that attention to user and patient details are good ethics as well as good business. Read more

Getting a Design Review Back on Track

Although you will likely encounter these disruptions caused by tangents, by following these techniques, you can get your review back on track, achieve your objectives, and keep your UX design review chugging along to the next stop. Read more

5 UX Research Blockades and How to Break Through

During the course of conducting your UX research, you will likely encounter one or more of these obstacles. Knowing that obstacles might provide additional insights and combined with keeping your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, you will make it through to the other side. Read more

Off On a Tangent: Getting Your Workshop Back On Track

When you are happily chugging along and someone throws a wrench in your workshop agenda, what do you do? Do you stop them or let them ride it out? Read more

Introduction To Customer Experience Maps

Experience or customer journey maps have really become popular over the past couple of years. Why? Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 3

You don’t understand me! Imagine people shouting these words as they uninstall a poorly designed software application that you created. Read more

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Experience Maps

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 2 Read more

Task-Based Personas: UX Power Tools Part 1

Macadamian UXers explain how task-based personas help software teams create incredible user experiences in part one of this series on UX power tools. Read more