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The Art of the Possible: Inspiring Innovation via the Maker Movement

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In the spirit of the Maker Movement, Macadamian partnered with local hardware design firm, Design 1st.

Maker Faire 2014

Deep in the midst of the summer, there was a hive of activity and a lively buzz of excitement surrounding the Ottawa Mini Maker Faire. It brought together a microcosm of artists, technologists, inventors, and educators focused on exchanging ideas, collaborating, and experimenting with the latest technologies.

As I visited each of the makers’ displays at the Museum of Science and Technology, I witnessed a quiet revolution in the way new product ideas can be quickly prototyped, tested, and brought to market without traditional ‘corporate’ development process constraints. The increasing availability to the general public to technologies like 3D printers, open source hardware, and software development platforms on top of a supportive collaborative environment is setting the stage for the freedom to be creative and innovative.

In the spirit of the Maker Movement, Macadamian partnered with local hardware design firm, Design 1st, to:

  • showcase the process that professional makers bring together user centric design, physical hardware, ‘virtual’ software to rapidly prototype a concept which showcases possible business opportunities enabled by technology,
  • motivate young makers by demonstrating how easy it is to take and idea from napkin sketch to market ready with the support of the maker community,
  • inspire educators to engage students in new hand-on curriculum that brings together the arts science and technology.

Attendees were treated with innovative hands-on demonstrations highlighting the solution development process ideation, creation, collaboration, iteration:

  • a Scratch-Arduino software program that puts young makers in the mind of a software programmer,
  • a dynamic remote controlled robot that highlights the importance of user insight in product design,
  • a prototype popcorn machine that demonstrates the powerful integration of software and a physical devices via The Cloud.

For more on the importance of Maker movement and our participation, checkout the following:

  • An interview with Macadamian CEO Fred Boulanger and Design 1st CEO Kevin Bailey


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