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The Affordable Care Act: How to Effectively Share Patient Data

Francis Beaudet

The basic principle behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to enable all health-care providers to act in concert as an effective care team.


The basic principle behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to enable all health-care providers to act in concert as an effective care team.  An important part of getting this puzzle right is to allow and enable them to effectively share medical information about patients amongst care givers in addition to across all Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to leverage trends across an entire population of patients.

To create this more complete picture, it is not enough to collect information from the clinicians and hospitals. A lot of the missing information needs to come from the patients themselves. So, the industry is now turning to the patient and using mobile technology to gather the missing information.

Putting the patient in charge of this data gathering gives them additional responsibility and increases their workload. The key to success when turning to the patient for their data is to make it clear to them what will happen to their data. Maybe more importantly, who will their data be shared with and how it will be used to improve their care.

Ultimately, the ACO will have to make the patient an integral part of their own care team. Gathering this extra information will be something they do as part of the team. The ACO will need to make it clear what positive impact this extra work will have to improve the outcome of the care. In exchange for this work and sharing of personal data, the patient will have to understand well what is in it for them.

Download the annotated ACO Medical Data infographic here.

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