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Designing for Big Data

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From Terabytes to Insights

Designing for Big Data

From looking for the best priced hotel, to monitoring outpatient vitals, to tracking shipping schedules, our insatiable appetites for data continues grow. The type of data and sources is multiplying with the inclusion of information from social media channels, e-mail, call recordings, etc. Organizations are not only depending on data to manage and track customer behavior, improve product development, but also to forecast and monitor business performance to enable informed strategic planning and decision-making.

But as a CIO or a product manager, how does one begin to bring together all this data in a way that makes sense and is actionable?

If you are considering developing analytics or data visualization applications, our UX design and engineering teams suggest taking in to account the following considerations when designing apps which translate big data in to meaningful insights:

    1. Ease of use—Data doesn’t matter if you can’t interpret it;
    2. Verticalization—The creation of enterprise software featuring analytics for niche verticals, specifically designed for the unique tasks of users working with the software;
    3. Mobile Business Intelligence—Delivering real-time actionable data wherever the user goes; and
    4. Visual Discovery – Allowing users to not just view reports but actively mine data to gather insights.

Big data does represent an opportunity to differentiate in a competitive market, but making all that complex information understandable is a daunting task.

Analytics and Big Data Innovation in Enterprise Software

In this whitepaper, we discuss four rising trends to help you achieve success in working with Big Data.

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