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MacGym: App Works Out Body and Mind

Arevik Harutyunyan

Macadamian Software developers have created a new app called MacGym to make it easier for Macadamian employees to add a little exercise into their workday.


Researchers at Stockholm University have shown that exercise, even in small doses, makes workers more productive and happier. Here at Macadamian we were struck by the question of how to incorporate proper exercise into the workday. Using CreativiDays, days allocated each quarter for employees to work on their own projects, software developers Mushegh Gevorgyan and I have devised a new intuitive mobile and Web app which encourages Macadamian workers to participate in simple, office friendly exercises. We call our app MacGym. Its goal is to get people exercising at their desk to stimulate both body and mind.

MacGym allows our staff to work out using the tools they have nearby, turning office gear into exercise equipment.

Take the chair that you’re sitting on, it can be selected as a piece of exercise equipment and the app suggests a list of activities you can do with it.

The app can even be tailored to specific body parts; below we have an example of how to exercise your fingers, perfect after a day of heavy typing.

In the coming months we plan to test the app with Macadamian staff and see where development leads. This app shows a glimpse of the creativity present in our team. We believe the knowledge we have gained from this project can be transferred to our work on apps with current and future clients.

Using MacGym and just a little effort anyone can incorporate a bit of movement into their workday without the need of complicated equipment. With regular use, Macadamian employees can exercise in the office making their minds sharper. MacGym can create a healthier workplace which fosters improved work performance and productivity.