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[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Experience Maps

Anneliis Tosine

[Podcast Series] The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software: Part 2

Experience Maps

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The second of our four installments in our podcast series titled,The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software – featuring one of Macadamian’s all-star user experience researchers, Anneliis Tosine, and user experience designers, Sara Fortier. While part one focused on task-based personas, we’ll be taking a look at the value of experience maps.

An experience map provides a holistic view of the various touch points a customer has with a brand or product. It puts software teams in the user’s shoes; helping designers and developers empathize with the journey users go through. The result: better apps that deliver incredible user experiences.

In this exclusive audio podcast we delve into experience maps to help you:

  • build consensus around important design decisions;
  • create apps that stand out in the marketplace;
  • open up new revenue streams.

If you missed our first complimentary episode on task-based personas please feel free to access it here.

Author Overview

Anneliis Tosine

With a background is in Biomedical Engineering and a focus on clinical applications and user-centered design, Anneliis has been an all-star asset to Macadamian's User Experience team.