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How to Market Apps in App Stores

Scott Plewes

How do you make things stand out?

I remember the first time I saw my wife. She worked at a former hot spot called Stony Monday’s in Ottawa’s Byward Market and she was cutting up limes on a countertop, preparing for the nightly rush. Our eyes met. Then I got that we’re-going-to-spend-the-rest-of-our-lives-together feeling. Two kids, a dog and nearly 16 years later we’re still happily in love. I guess you could say she stood out in the crowd.

This same concept can be applied when marketing apps in app stores. In 2013, app downloads are anticipated to reach 81 billion, rocketing towards 310 billion by 2016. Moreover, Apple’s App Store and Google Play – the world’s two mega marketplaces for mobile applications – currently have more than 900,000 and 850,000 apps available for download, respectively. Not to mention a heaping helping of apps available in brand name stores such as BlackBerry World and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 store — as well as a robust ecosystem of third-party app stores. So… there’s lots of interest in all those fish in the sea but it’s hard for those fish to get noticed.

Recently, I chatted with Matt Palmer, CMO at AppClover, and Rob Woodbridge, mobile business consultant and host of UNTETHER.TV. We drilled down on tactics that can help mobile apps get noticed in today’s saturated app superstores. The discussion was part of a nationally-syndicated marketing podcast called The Voice, which I co-host for International Association of Business Communicators.

One of the key discussion points was the importance of the app icon. Take a moment right now. Look at the screen of your mobile handset for just three seconds. Which app icon stood out for you? Why?

I encourage you to learn more by listening to the full podcast. Stream it below or access it here. You’ll get more helpful tips to create app marketing plans that get results. Hey, who says you can’t stand out in a crowded market. My wife did. And I’m the better for it!

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Scott Plewes

As VP User Experience Design, Scott brings over 20 years of experience in understanding customers and how to incorporate their needs into software product design. He's put his skills to work on overseeing the user experience design of dozens of desktop, Web, and mobile applications. Scott holds a Master's degree in Science from Queen's University, and prior to Macadamian, he worked as part of Nortel's Usability Design Group. While Scott would have you believe he is an ardent NFL and NHL supporter, he is still a physics geek at heart. His secret passions include bad science fiction movies and even worse - action ones; and trying to understand Shakespeare… and failing badly. When Scott is not working he's either his kids personal chauffeur, or more likely sound asleep on the couch… the one hobby he has truly mastered.