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Task-Based Personas: UX Power Tools Part 1

Anneliis Tosine

Macadamian UXers explain how task-based personas help software teams create incredible user experiences in part one of this series on UX power tools.

Task-based Personas

This podcast is the first of four instalments in our software design podcast series titled, The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software — featuring one of Macadamian’s all-star user experience researchers, Anneliis Tosine, and user experience designers, Sara Fortier. We kick off this software design series by drilling down on the critical importance of task-based personas.

What Are Task-Based Personas?

Task-based personas capture the motivations and behaviors of a group of users, as well as the actions those users need to take, when interacting with a software product.  They play an essential role in demystifying the outcomes users are trying to achieve so software design teams can create incredible user experiences.

Task-based personas help you to:

  • prioritize and focus choices about product features and design;
  • pinpoint user needs to distinguish apps in the marketplace;
  • discover radical innovation opportunities.


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Author Overview

Anneliis Tosine

With a background is in Biomedical Engineering and a focus on clinical applications and user-centered design, Anneliis has been an all-star asset to Macadamian's User Experience team.