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[CEO Insight] WebRTC: Why You Should Care

Fred Boulanger

For the past several months the Macadamian team has been busy travelling around the world to stay on top of all the coolest new technologies. Here’s how we’re following WebRTC.

For the past several months the Macadamian team has been busy travelling around the world to stay on top of all the coolest new technologies. I can tell you from what we’ve seen and heard that Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is the hot topic that has people talking.

You probably know WebRTC enables instant video, voice and text communications, as well as screen-sharing, between Internet browsers – without the trouble of proprietary software plug-ins. This is great news for Macadamian and anyone else like us who’s in the business of building amazing customer experiences. I believe WebRTC has the X-factor that’s going to shake things up. It’s going to humanize Web software and enrich the nature of interactions between people online and on mobile.

(Left to right) Hugh Finnan, director of product management, Google Chrome, and Todd Simpson, chief of innovation, Mozilla, demo the first WebRTC video chat between Firefox and Chrome. Watch the video.

We are much more visual than we think. Before I expand on that thought let’s consider the 7%-38%-55% rule. Back in the late ‘60s a smart guy named Albert Mehrabian discovered that only 7% of people’s perceptions of you are based on the actual words you speak. The other 93% of people’s perceptions of you are formed from your tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%).

Why is this important and what’s in it for you?

WebRTC is all about creating more meaningful and authentic experiences. Since experiences are about feeding input to our senses, visual interaction potential is about to be unleashed with the accessibility of WebRTC. It’s inspiring a culture shift where people connect easily, spontaneously and naturally, and free of barriers, in ways we never dreamed. Imagine consumers browsing your company’s website and activating instant chats with you or your staff. The best customer experiences will result from your ability to convey awesome verbal and – you guessed it – non-verbal communications, especially in light of the live video chat capabilities of WebRTC.

The bottom line for businesses is that this is a chance to build stronger relationships with customers and gain an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you happen to be in Ottawa on May 23, we’re hosting an event in collaboration with the Ottawa Product Management Association titled, WebRTC: Transforming Enterprise Communication. I encourage you to learn more and register at

It’s going to be very interesting to see how WebRTC pans out in the years to come. One thing is for sure: you can count on Macadamian being in the know and ready to offer insights on this innovation.

Here are some great articles and links on WebRTC along with a story describing Mehrabian’s study:


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