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Francis Beaudet

Can you still identify the apps?

Let’s play a game: I took screenshots of some apps on my phone and I removed pretty much all the content and other identifying marks. Can you still identify the apps?

App A

App A

App B

App b(2)

App C

App C

App D

App d(1)

Did you guess? Here’s the answer in case you didn’t:






All those screenshots were taken on iOS. In this familiar, consistent environment, the 4 applications are easily recognizable as their own individual brands.

What happens to that brand identity when you start moving the applications to different platforms? What do you preserve?


Let’s see:



Web version


Windows 8 Version





From those screengrabs, we can see that the Twitter look and feel is very consistent between the web version, the iOS version and the Blackberry 10 version. When we move to the Android and Windows Phone 8, the choice was made to move closer to the platform look and feel and a little further away from the twitter look and feel.

When you choose to do that, You have to use a more subtle way to express your branding. You have to be consistent with your color schemes, typography, icons and hopefully, you can squeeze your logo in there. But is that enough?

Looking at the Android and Windows Phone 8 applications, would they still be as recognizable if I went into photoshop and did the same thing to them that I did to the iOS app?

Why did they choose to stick to their iOS branding for BB10 but not for WP8 and Android? Is it because the platform is so new? Is it because Android users get upset when you give them an app that looks like an iOS app?

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Francis brings a unique combination of technical software engineering and User Centered Design knowledge to the team. After 15 years as a software architect, Francis is currently focused on Interaction Design. Using tools like workshop facilitation, wire-framing, and prototype development; Francis focuses on helping software teams to develop useful, desirable software. Ultimately, he's all about using design and technology to make users better at what they already do best. When he's not concentrating on making the world a better place, you can find Francis sporting spandex, cycling the paths of Gatineau Park.