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MacHack: 24 Hours, 8 Apps, 1 Intense Competition

Geoffrey Parker

We created some amazing applications after 24 hours of nonstop coding.

This past weekend Macadamian held its second annual MacHack competition. MacHack is a competition designed to challenge Macadamian employees to produce a quality application in just 24 hours.  It’s open to everyone who wants to participate including full time or part time staff, coop students and contractors from all four of Macadamian’s global offices.

MacHack 2013

After 24 hours of nonstop coding and designing some amazing applications were created.

App name Award Description of Application
Transit Feed Plotter Winner of Most Innovative Concept Renders the movement of all of a cities buses on a map showing traffic data allowing transit planners to easily see potential service problems without needing to wait for end user feedback
Dance the World Winner of Best Design Uses MillionSongsDataset to plot songs by their location on the Google Earth globe. Clusters the data and uses markers of different size. Allows filtering by year.
Eco Bohdi Honorable Mention With Eco Bodhi you can become enlightened to the increasing effect global warming is having on our planet.
Urban Development Winner of Best Use of Technology
Rockn’Roll Winner of Best Use of Knowledge



App name Description of Application
Moody Music Moody Music is a Web application using the EchoNest API to give users an overview of 6 different music genres over the last 3 years in relation to an artist’s music popularity and the music’s mood.
BookLab Makes searching for books fun.
Web of Movies This application suggests random movies to watch based on the tags user adds (genre, age, etc.)

Author Overview

Geoffrey Parker

Geoff is Macadamian’s Director of Healthcare Software Development specializing in healthcare software and is responsible for technical leadership, technology partnerships, and sales engineering. Geoff thrives on working with clients to identify and deliver the right solution for their individual needs. His career as a software professional has focused on delivering highly complex mobile and server side technology solutions. Geoff is happiest when pushing the technology envelope by doing things that haven't been done before. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours from the University of Queensland, Australia. When he’s not coding, you can find Geoff on the backpacking trails.