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Electronic Health Records: Secrets of Successful Usability

Lorraine Chapman

How Great EHR User Experience Benefits Patients & Physicians

Mobile Healthcare Technology

10 per cent of errors related to Electronic Healthcare Records lead to unsafe conditions for patients. These errors are generally due to “the ways healthcare providers interact with technology,” according to a study by the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.

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I recently co-presented on the topic of EHR usability at the 2013 Healthcare & Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in New Orleans. The session was titled, Top 10 Usability Myths Debunked!  We were overwhelmed by the attendance – vendors, clinicians, hospital administrators and nursing informatics professionals were just some of the attendees. It was such a hot topic that HIMSS invited us to present a second session to accommodate demand.

In speaking with several people after the presentation, it is apparent that many are dealing with a lack of usability and proper design in the EHRs they’re working with daily — and they’re looking for ways to improve them.

Many clinicians were desperate to find out what they could do to improve the usability of EHRs that have already been implemented. We received lots of comments and nods of agreement regarding workflow. Understanding multiple clinicians’ workflows, and the intersection of those workflows, is key to creating an EHR that works and adds value. It’s not just about the physician. You must also understand the nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists’ roles and tasks too!

We expand on our HIMSS presentation in an exclusive audio podcast titled,EHRs: Secrets of Successful Usability, providing strategic insights and practical advice that can help you create incredible EHR user experiences to benefit patients, physicians, hospitals and clinics.

Within the context of EHR user experience you’ll learn how to:

  • use mobile devices efficiently and effectively;
  • improve patient privacy;
  • leverage “big data”.

In the podcast we also tell you how to access a free EHR usability self-assessment tool.

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Lorraine Chapman

Lorraine is Macadamian’s Senior Director of Healthcare and plays a pivotal role in harmonizing end user needs, client expectations, and current technology. She leads clients in identifying product opportunities, conducting research, and planning UX strategy and growth. Her ability to grasp the subtle dynamics of business context and product requirements enables her to help define UX design strategy in support of fundamental business direction. She does this for medical information tool providers, EMR, as well as companies outside health care. Lorraine is recognized as an expert in UX research and Chair of the HIMSS Health IT User Experience Committee. Her expertise delivering human-centric solutions to health care providers makes her a sought after speaker and presenter to overflow audiences. As accomplished as she is, Lorraine is also a bit scary to some of us. She regularly gets up at 5:30 am, does a workout that most of us would associate with Navy Seals or Spartan warriors, and runs half-marathons when she doesn't find this tiring enough. No wonder Lorraine has earned the nickname "Xena, Warrior Princess" at Macadamian. When she not living her Linda Hamilton/Terminator workout lifestyle she loves spending time with her daughters and taking them to places ranging from Pembroke to Tuscany.