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Jennifer Fraser

3 Challenges You Must Overcome to Optimize Mobile Apps Across Platforms

Mobile Design

In this exclusive audio podcast Macadamian’s director of engineering, Tony Hooper, and director of user experience design, Jennifer Fraser, speak to the realities of creating apps for today’s fragmented mobile market.

They outline three core challenges everyone encounters creating mobile apps and offer practical design tips and technical advice.

In less than 10 min. you’ll get insights to help you:

  • adapt apps to fit multiple mobile ecosystems;
  • deliver a consistent brand identity and customer experience;
  • handle HTML5, responsive design and gestures for mobile.

Click here to access the podcast.

Author Overview

Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer is Macadamian’s Director of Design and she brings more than fifteen years of experience working as an interaction designer. Jennifer has experience being thrown in at any phase of a project from discovery, analysis, and definition, to development and delivery. She works closely with clients to understand not only their needs, but also the needs of their customers. Jennifer has a holistic understanding of how to integrate design and development in an agile process, built on years of experience and much head banging (unfortunately not to music). She is a founding member of the Interaction Design Association’s Ottawa chapter and sits on the Design Advisory Board of Algonquin College. Jennifer holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Architecture from Carleton University, which may, or may not, relate to her passion for designing and building cocktails.