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Developers are from Vulcan – Designers are from Wonderland – An audio podcast

Jennifer Fraser

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Designers vs. Developers

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A lot of things need to happen to create a great product, including getting different types of people to learn to work together. How many times have you worked on something that never saw the light of day? Or looked a little different from what you expected when it launched? More often than not, this is due to a lack of shared goals and breakdowns in communication. Additionally, technology is advancing at the speed of light. We have the challenge of keeping up with these advances while also keeping our eye on the bigger picture — the opportunity for our clients and customers. It’s an exciting time where technology can deliver amazing, new experiences. But, this can only happen with a tight collaboration between everyone that is a part of the product creation process. Using examples from the colliding worlds of designers and developers trying to work together, get some suggestions for how to improve communication and collaboration, which, ultimately, creates better products.

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Author Overview

Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer is Macadamian’s Director of Design and she brings more than fifteen years of experience working as an interaction designer. Jennifer has experience being thrown in at any phase of a project from discovery, analysis, and definition, to development and delivery. She works closely with clients to understand not only their needs, but also the needs of their customers. Jennifer has a holistic understanding of how to integrate design and development in an agile process, built on years of experience and much head banging (unfortunately not to music). She is a founding member of the Interaction Design Association’s Ottawa chapter and sits on the Design Advisory Board of Algonquin College. Jennifer holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Architecture from Carleton University, which may, or may not, relate to her passion for designing and building cocktails.